Let's contribute to make ours a perfect country

I like the dialogue from one of my favorite movies Rang De Basantiकोई देश परफेक्ट नहीं होता, उसे परफेक्ट बनाना पड़ता है

Everybody wants our country to be a perfect country, but it needs our contribution and dedication towards this. We took lot of efforts to make our sweet home neat, clean and peaceful. When it comes about country then we say इस देश का कुछ नहीं हो सकता

And yes if we will not take any initiative then the situation is not going to improve, if we can take 100% efforts for our home then at least we should take some efforts to make our country better.
I will not take your much time for speech; there are many people who can do this job better than me…

Here are few things which we can implement in our day to day life and in turns it will help to make our country better:

– Respect your country first
– Cast your vote. Do it wisely and carefully
– Do not buy smuggled or pirated goods
– Pay your tax
– Pay your employee well and treat them well
– Save water, electricity, paper and petrol
– Always ask for receipt/bill when you buy any goods
– Follow traffic rules and law
– Dispose your garbage properly
– Speak positively about our country
– Do not bribe and do not accept it as well
– Be a good parent. Teach your kids to love their country

If we will follow these little points then we can see the big change in our country. Please think about it… help our nation and give some time to it.


Pappul said...

baat to sahi hai ... well said ... !!

frnds said...

I agree with you..Bundh bundh se sagar banta hai.. If we take initiative then only we can make a difference...Jai Hind!!

Snehal said...

Very well said Pushkar.

I would like to add one more point
Do respect our National flag:
Patriotism should not be periodic. Many times I have observed that on 15th AUG or 26th Jan ppl buy 'TIRANGA' from road signals or shops.With pride they do display it on the same day but after two three days you will find it out lying down some where on road side or in dust bin. Which is very wrong.

Vikash Kumar said...

Agree on this .. only when we start behaving responsibly.. we can expect it from others.. Let's do it.. :)