Life with few people

Life with few people is really beautiful...
Their presence is heart felt,
Their smile makes u smile,
Their words make you listen,
The song of life with them is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us...

Life with few people is really beautiful… 

There is more to express and the words are less,
May be this is life’s beauty,
May god bless everybody with this beautiful feel,

Life with few people is really beautiful… 

Life appears like a beautiful Flower,
Petals of which are so beautiful,
Some droplets of struggle make you strong,
Still living life with special people is beautiful,

Life with few people is really beautiful...

Oh Life…….. You made live life lively... 

Life with few people is really beautiful…
Life with few people is really beautiful…

A cool treat for this summer - Ananda Valley

20th Mar 2010 was dedicated to Wealth Management (My Team) Picnic in Nature's Lap at Ananda Valley with unlimited fun and great team work learning and many more which made this day memorable for everyone.

Cast and crew

Destination: The Ananda Valley is in a small village surrounded by hills and greenery. It is just 45 minutes drive from Pune. 

We started our journey from Pride Accord at 9:00 A.M. We played Antakshari in a Bus till we reach destination, we got opportunity to listen to some Kishore, Mukesh, Lata and Himesh from our group in this Antakshari session. We also played some good games suggested by Mandaar like Scream and Man vs. Bear.  

Fun during Journey

We had a quick breakfast @ Ananda Valley & then we roamed around the place. We were having lots of options like Cricket, Carom, Badminton, foosball (Soccer-based game played on a table) and Volley ball etc.

We started with some great team building games organized by Ananda Valley people. We played Bricks, Tug War, Water Passing and many more.   

After that we had delicious lunch. Few people were about to take a nap when a magician came and presented an awesome show. Some of us enjoyed foosball, Carom.  

Kodak Moments

We spent evening with exiting Rain Dance, Volley Ball and Carom. Then we had ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and bullock cart ride. We had some photo session there with different, good as well as weird poses (that is definitely not here).

Little Photo Session

While returning we all were tired and not willing to have any more games, so we had a peaceful and quite soothing journey (yeah that was soothing due to tiredness).

Entire group appreciated the hard work of committee to make these activities successful and memorable for all of us. We wish to continue with this fun in future.