Dumb Charades

First time I played Dumb Charades game about four years ago; being a rookie player there was some hesitation while acting. But now, I just love this game and I am ready to play anywhere & anytime.
Being a great fan of Dumb Charade, I want to share the knowledge and some modifications of this game.

Dumb Charades is a word/movie guessing game. It is an acting game in which one player acts out a word or movie name, and the other players guess the word or movie name. There is specific time limit decided to do the act and guess the word or movie name.

Standard Rules
The rules of Dumb Charades can vary depending upon number of players, language, choice etc. There are some rules which are common to most players:-

1. The players divide into two teams.
2. Word/movie name should be written on chits and team will pick one chit from it.
3. Only one person (Actor) comes in front to get a chit from the pool with a word/ movie name.
4. Actor stands at least 5 feet away from partners.
5. No sounds or lip movements are allowed. Actor cannot point to object or person to show something.
6. Actor will have 5 minutes to explain the movie name and if their team will guess the correct movie then they will get 100 points

Modified Rules
Bidding :---

1. After reading a movie name actor can bid that he/she can do it in 2 minutes (Though, they will still have 5 minutes to do it)
2. If their team will guess the correct movie name then they will get 150 points if they complete it successfully in 2 minutes
3. If they cannot guess it within 2 minutes then they will lose -50 points and they can continue with rest of the time to make 100 points
4. No other negative points will be for not guessing a movie name

Spitting word :---
1. If actor feels like they cannot do this act without breaking/splitting a word, then the person can raise his hand and ask for break a word permission
2. Then they can split a word only once but they will have to lose -20 points for that

Changing Actor :---

1. If actor thinks their other team member can do it easily then, they can call some other person from their team. They will have to lose 20 points for it

Some Standard Protocols
1. First with fingers you show the number of words. Then for each word one can explain with fingers how many letters in it (if it is allowed).
2. You can thumb down for Hindi/Guajarati word or to show it is old film
3. Thumb up for English name or to show new film
4. Little shake of the horizontal hand to show medium time period film
5. You can show numbers when words involves some numbers
6. Sign like box to show that the film has a name or something like that.
7. You can use shake your hand a little so as your partner understands that he should change a little grammar in the letter.
8. Point to moustache to show you are explaining a hero's name in case you know who lead actor in the film was and point a finger to your forehead to show that you are showing heroin.
9. Touch your finger to ear to show sounds like means… Sona, Khona, Hona, Rona

Some Standard Signals
Color :---
Point to your tongue, then point to an object of the color you're trying to convey.

Close, keep guessing :---
Frantically wave your hands about to keep the guesses coming, or pretend to fan yourself, as if to say "getting hotter".

Not even close, I'll start over :---

Wave hand in a wide sweep, as if to say "go away!" Alternatively, pretend to shiver, as if to say "getting colder".

Stop yelling at me, all of you
Throw your arms down to your sides, like a mummy, and jump up and down 3 times like a little baby.

A synonym :---

Clasp your hands together and then, rotating your clasped hands from the wrists, simulate multiple figures 8's.

The antonym :---

Form each hand into a hitchhiker's thumb signal, then with the backs of the hands facing away from you, cross your forearms and make the thumbs travel in opposing directions, thus "opposite".

Stop, work on something else
Hold both arms out in front of you, palms of your hands waving, facing your teammates, while simultaneously shaking your head, eyes closed.

Some Difficult Hindi Movie Name
Malhaar --- Maqbool --- Kasoor --- Asambhav --- Zubeida
Chitchor --- Astitva --- Anurodh --- Yalgar --- Virgati
Ankansha --- Virasat --- Sultanaat --- Shalimar --- Thakshak
Parineeta --- Vajood --- Insaniyat --- Majboor --- Haqeekat
Khwaish --- Dharmatma --- Gardish --- Aagnishakshi --- Vishwatma

You can give some difficult word as well if movie name is easy to act.
Hope you all must be excited about it, and all set to play this game.... have fun cheers :)


Pappul said...

waah kya gyaan baata hai ... ab to aur majaa aayega khelne mein ... lets play ... :)

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Yeah.. ho jaye 2-2 words :)

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Rani D. said...

Can you tell me how to represent a number e.g. 7 in dumb charades?

Please reply to sellocean2009@gmail.com if possible