Interview ka safar

I had appeared for loads of interview over last 2 months on nearly all the weekend. There were some top notch companies, some small scale companies but what amazed me that they don’t know what exactly they want from a candidate. During this journey some incidents were very funny...  I will share here some of the events which is in my mind and will be there for a long time ;)

Interview 1
This was my first interview after a long time so I was not much prepared for that. The company is situated in Hinjewadi and it’s a CMM 3 company. I got a call from HR saying that your interview has been scheduled and it is a schedule walk in please be there by 10:00 AM.  I reached there by 9:45 AM and there were 500 candidates for the interview (what kind of scheduled walk in was that). I waited there for nearly 5-6 hour then someone called me for my first round of interview.  I will direct start from the interview questions.
Interviewer: Why you have mentioned ASP.NET(C#/VB) on your resume? Do you know VB6?
: No this is the code behind language for ASP.NET.
: Then it should be VB.NET right?
: Yes but I have mentioned ASP.NET already and in parenthesis I have written it. Anyways I will correct it.
: Okay, why you have written Oracle in your database list at first? Have you worked on oracle on your last project?
: No, it was SQL Server 2005.
: Then it should be SQL Server.
: Okay I will correct that as well.
: Why you have mentioned Finance Domain in bold?
: Because I am working in finance domain and I wanted to show the domain expertise on my resume.  
Then he asked some basic questions which I answered easily. After that he said you can leave for the day HR will get back to you (By the way I am still waiting).  

Interview 2
This company is situated in Hinjewadi at two locations and it’s a very great company to work with (that’s what I heard).  The interviewer in white shirt with some brown prints on it (By looking it closely I realized that it’s not printed actually just few mud drops made it printed).  He was having bunch of paper and he started asking questions from this paper. I will start with the funny part ;)
Interviewer:  What is WCF?
: I don’t know.
Next question
Interviewer: What is windows communication foundation?
: I said I don’t know.
: No you said you don’t know WCF.
: Oh yes I don’t know this as well (For who don’t know WCF stand for Windows communication foundation).
He has asked me WCF, Delegates and Serialization 3 times in the interview (May be it was printed there in bunch paper 3 times).

Interview 3
This was a small company and they started Pune branch few months back in Panchshil IT Park, Viman Nagar.  There was 2 interviewer and they both were looking at me like Aaj to iski band baja ke rakhenege ;)  After giving too many answers confidently and correct (well...according to me) they started with my project architecture.  
Interviewer 1:  Why you have not used any design patterns in your projects?
: Well I have joined this organization in April 2009 and the project was in development since 2007. So the architecture and everything was in place and we are just developing the remaining modules.
Interviewer 1
:  But you can change it anytime, why you have not suggested that?
: I suggested few changes and whichever was feasible that we implemented.
Interviewer 2
: Okay tell me what is Debit and Credit (all of a sudden debit and credit)
: Definition of debit and credit (I said whatever I know)
Interviewer 1
:  Why you have not used WCF in your project?
: It was not required; we have not used any web service as well.
Interviewer 2
:  Write down a LINQ query to fetch record and store in collection.
: Started writing that.
Interviewer 1
: No leave it. Tell me why you have used LDAP in your project.  
: Well that was required to provide window active directory credentials.
Interviewer 1
: We can achieve it through database login also, why LDAP?  
: That information is not stored in database.
They asked me such stupid questions for 1 ½ hours and said you can leave for the day.    

Interview 4
This was a US based company works in Finance Domain situated in Kalyani Nagar. I was having a keen interest in this company but somehow we didn’t agree on finance and I have said no to them.
Interviewer:  How much you rate yourself on OOPS out of 10?
: 9.5
:  Great then let’s start with OOPS; you must be having an idea about Abstract Class and Interfaces. My question is what you will use if there is a requirement in your project.
: It depends on the requirement…blah blah… after all justification and explaining him one example… I said I will use Abstract class (That was suitable for my example).
: Okay after one year I ask you to change it to Interface then?
: I will check whether it is required or not.
:  No, I am the boss and I am saying you to change it so change it.
: Okay sir then I will take a written approval from you and I will provide you the estimation ;)  I don’t know why they have selected me after giving this answer. 

Enough for this post, I will post the second part later on with more funny interview incidents.   

Life with few people

Life with few people is really beautiful...
Their presence is heart felt,
Their smile makes u smile,
Their words make you listen,
The song of life with them is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us...

Life with few people is really beautiful… 

There is more to express and the words are less,
May be this is life’s beauty,
May god bless everybody with this beautiful feel,

Life with few people is really beautiful… 

Life appears like a beautiful Flower,
Petals of which are so beautiful,
Some droplets of struggle make you strong,
Still living life with special people is beautiful,

Life with few people is really beautiful...

Oh Life…….. You made live life lively... 

Life with few people is really beautiful…
Life with few people is really beautiful…

A cool treat for this summer - Ananda Valley

20th Mar 2010 was dedicated to Wealth Management (My Team) Picnic in Nature's Lap at Ananda Valley with unlimited fun and great team work learning and many more which made this day memorable for everyone.

Cast and crew

Destination: The Ananda Valley is in a small village surrounded by hills and greenery. It is just 45 minutes drive from Pune. 

We started our journey from Pride Accord at 9:00 A.M. We played Antakshari in a Bus till we reach destination, we got opportunity to listen to some Kishore, Mukesh, Lata and Himesh from our group in this Antakshari session. We also played some good games suggested by Mandaar like Scream and Man vs. Bear.  

Fun during Journey

We had a quick breakfast @ Ananda Valley & then we roamed around the place. We were having lots of options like Cricket, Carom, Badminton, foosball (Soccer-based game played on a table) and Volley ball etc.

We started with some great team building games organized by Ananda Valley people. We played Bricks, Tug War, Water Passing and many more.   

After that we had delicious lunch. Few people were about to take a nap when a magician came and presented an awesome show. Some of us enjoyed foosball, Carom.  

Kodak Moments

We spent evening with exiting Rain Dance, Volley Ball and Carom. Then we had ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and bullock cart ride. We had some photo session there with different, good as well as weird poses (that is definitely not here).

Little Photo Session

While returning we all were tired and not willing to have any more games, so we had a peaceful and quite soothing journey (yeah that was soothing due to tiredness).

Entire group appreciated the hard work of committee to make these activities successful and memorable for all of us. We wish to continue with this fun in future.

A Memorable Trip To Nashik

Nashik is generally known as city of Pilgrims and there are around 2,000 temples in this city. But I have some different reasons to love this city. I spent nearly 4 years in this city while I was doing my bachelor (After getting my bachelor degree in 2005, I had never been there)

2nd January 2010 @ 9:00 PM I got a call from my family friend, they were planning to visit Trimbakeshwar and they asked me to join. I thought Trimbakeshwar… yes man, it is near to Nashik … If I will go then, I can get a chance to visit that place again and I can meet my old friends (जो हमेशा बोलते है साले कभी तो मिलने को आ, डिग्री ले ली तो कभी आता नहीं).

This reason was more than enough to join the trip and I said yes to them :)

We left Pune @ 12:00 AM as we had planned to have Morning darshan in Trimbakeshwar. The journey from Pune to Nashik was awesome during midnight. Traffic was less, climate was cool and soft songs made it worthwhile.

We reached Nashik @ 3:00 AM and everybody was in need of a coffee. So, we stopped at CCD near Satpur to have coffee. After having a refreshing coffee we started our journey for Trimbakeshwar. We reached Trimbakeshwar @ 4:30 AM, my god the climate was so cold that we all were shivering. Somehow we found the temple and it took nearly 3 rounds to around the temple itself to find the entry gate (yeah I had never been to Trimbakeshwar)

The darshan starts from 5:30 AM. So, we got some time to fresh n up, then we joined the queue for darshan. The biggest advantage of having darshan in morning is that the queue is not long and you get enough time to stay in Temple.

After darshan we had Tea @ Trimbakeshwar and we proceeded to Nashik. My family friends wanted to meet some relatives in Nashik and they asked me to join them. I was not at all in a mood to meet some stranger. I said, you people carry on I will join you while returning back to Pune.

I have some good things to do, I can meet my friends, can go to my college Katta (Some place around college where we use to hang out), the missal wala, Sharma Ji ki Adrak wali Chai n all (I said to myself).

I called Kaustubh, Sunday 6:30 AM, I knew that waking up an IT guy on Sunday morning and that too 6:30 AM is really bad, but I didn’t have any choice.
Kaustubh was sleeping (it was expected)   
Kaustubh: what??
Me: Are yaar, I thought you must be in gym but you are sleeping
Kaustubh: Today is Sunday please let me sleep, I will call you back
Me: you can sleep later on, come to CBS (Central Bus Stand), I will be there in 20 min
Kaustubh: you are in Nashik? Okay I will be there.

Next Call Dhananjay Sunday 6:45 AM (I am very bad I know :D)

Dhananjay: Pushkar please let me sleep, I just came to Nashik @ 5:30
Me: Then why you are sleeping for couple of hours come to CBS in 15 min
Dhananjay: Not now I will be there in 1 hour
Me: I will be leaving in one hour
Dhananjay: Okay I will be there in 30 min

Next call Pawan, Nayan, Sukhad, Harshal, Anil (All started the conversation with Gali then I called them to CBS)

Kaustubh came to CBS by 8:15 (Idiot slept again after hanging up the phone). Everybody was there by 9:00 except Pawan and Nayan and we decided to have Misal Pav @ KV (Krishna Vijay), after 5 year I was there having Misal Pav and Takkar (2/3)

Nayan came there and then we went to College Road. College Road, the most happening place of Nashik (though it was Sunday). We stopped at our Katta there, some gapshap was going on then Pawan came.

We decided to go to Nayan’s Place (he was going to Banglore that day and he was getting late). Me & Pawan went to Nayan’s place (Remaining had some important work, important work on Sunday huh I feel they might be sleeping till 11 if I was not there)

After saying B-bye to Nayan, we (Me & Pawan) roamed around the city. Nashik has changed a lot of big shopping malls, multiplexes n all have come up.

2 PM, I called Vaibhav and decided to meet @ CCD, Mahatma Nagar. That reminded me of an incident, once me and Vaibhav went to CCD (It had just opened in Nashik at that time). We scanned  the whole menu and found that Black Coffee (30ml) is coming in our budget :)

We had few cups of coffee there. Then I went to meet my land lord Kiran Bhau. From there we went to Panchwati (my family friends were calling me since last 1 hour).

Panchwati is famous for temples and
Sita Gumpha caves, KalaRam Mandir, Ramganga n all.  My friends asked me where these temples are we want to visit that (I thought, please ask me where is Ram Bar, girls hostels, Circle Theater :P)

Somehow we found those temples. These temples are beautiful and worth watching. Why I had never been there during my 4 years stay.

Then we went to Tapovan, here
Laxmana - brother of Rama cut the nose of Shurpanakha that’s why the city is named as Nashik/Nasik. We had some photo session there and came back to Pune.

I must say this was one of the memorable trips of my life. I met my old friends after 5 year, went to same CCD and had cappuccino where I could afford only Black Coffee during college days. I visited temples and historical places of Nashik (which I had never seen in when I was sdutying).